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Leftover Smoked Ham Recipes

Leftover Smoked Ham is one of my favorite holiday dinners.  Ham is one of those meats I tend to have at every holiday dinner.   And also we make it in between if we have stocked up on extras during the holiday season as well.

Leftover Smoked Ham Diced on A Cutting Board

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I love smoking my holiday meals, but the meat makes excellent leftover meals! Mainly I smoke on my Pit Boss Pro 1100.  Now I picked mine up from Lowes, but Walmart and Amazon carry other Pit Boss options or Pit Boss website themselves.  

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Remove your ham from the bone and trim any excess fat. Cut the leftover ham pieces and store them in an air-tight container. This can be in an airtight container or a zip-lock bag. You can keep the bone in leftover ham recipes or toss the bone. A ham bone can not be given to dogs; it is unsafe for dogs to chew on it as it will break and harm their digestive system.

Ham can be stored in the fridge for up to five days or frozen for up to 3 months.

Storing leftovers properly requires the right tools! My preferred storage method is if the leftovers can be sealed in a food saver. If not, then an air-tight container or Ziploc bag for the fridge is the way I go. The air-tight container and a freezer Ziploc bag are the next best bet for freezing the leftovers. I also use a food scale to measure portions into serving sizes.

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Leftover Smoked Ham Recipes:

Ham Fried Rice is my favorite way to use leftover ham. Make this on the Blackstone Griddle for a fantastic leftover dinner. Pair up with bacon to make the flavor go up a notch! Get the recipe -> here.

Smoked Ham Mac And Cheese– Dice up leftover smoked ham and put it in homemade mac and cheese for a fantastic dinner or lunch!  Get the recipe -> here.

Smoked Ham Mac and cheese on a fork in a bowl

Split Pea Soup– This is the perfect way to boil down a smoked ham bone to make a comfort food full of flavor.  This is a classic leftover ham meal, but the smoked meat adds a lot. Get the recipe -> here.

Smoked Ham And Potato Soup– Throw this in the crock pot and allow the soup to cook! This is an easy way to make comfort food with the taste of smoked meat when using leftover smoked ham. Get the recipe -> here.

Crock Pot Ham And Bean Soup–  Perfect protein post-holiday comfort food! This is easy to put in the crock pot and allows you to cook for the day. Get the recipe -> here.

Cheesy Ham And Noodle Casserole– Use egg noodles and creamy ingredients to make this cheesy casserole! Get the recipe -> here.

Ham Shepherd’s PieHoliday leftover ham is excellent when repurposed into this comforting dish. Get the recipe -> here.

One Pot Ham and Noodles– Make this tasty dish with egg noodles, cheese, and alfredo sauce. Get the recipe -> here.

Breakfast Casserole With Ham– Use leftover ham to make this breakfast casserole.  The smoked ham adds flavor to this casserole and is the perfect day after the holiday breakfast. Get the recipe -> here.

Ham Pot Pie– Use leftover smoked ham as the meat in this homemade pot pie for an amazing comfort food after the holiday. Get the recipe -> here.

Smoked Ham Pot Pie Served on plate

What is your go to recipe to make with Leftover Smoked Ham??

Smoked Ham Recipes

Ham doesn’t take as long on the smoker as most are pre-cooked. I mainly use ham with bone, but any form will work.

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Looking for more smoker recipes? Be sure to check out Smoker Recipes. The post contains smoker recipes for everything from ham to macaroni and cheese to Prime Rib! See it ->here.

Leftover Smoked Ham Recipes

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